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Here you will find useful tools to help you in your search for land and information related to the Granite State to help you find your perfect location. Explore the NH Zoning Atlas, the NH Trail Map, the Axis GIS site, and much more. In addition to these resources, many towns have their own mapping software as well as zoning ordinances, etc.

NH Zoning Atlas

This is a site created by the students at St Anselm's College to give landowners and developers a comprehensive guide to zoning laws in every area of NH. There are a multitude of layers that will tell you where accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are allowed, Where Milti-family and low income development is allowed. It also shows which towns allow manufactured housing on individual lots. This can be an especially powerful tool if you're looking for land to build on.

National Wetlands Inventory

This is a great tool to help you understand where wetlands are. While wetlands are a vital part of our ecosystem, they are not ideal when you plan to develop a lot. The State of NH requires a setback when building near protected wetlands. If you suspect wetlands may be present on a lot, it's best to have a wetlands delineation performed prior to any development.

NH Trails

New Hampshire is an outdoor paradise! but in order to keep in that way, the state has set up a great website that helps you understand the rules and regulations relating to the many different trails in the state. Whether you are looking to hike, ATV, snowmobile, etc., you can find information on this website hosted by NH State Parks.

Check out the interactive NH Snowmobile Trail Map.

NH Tax Rates

Here you will find the current tax rate for each town in NH. When buying a new home of land, the tax rate of a town can drastically change affordability. We also have a tax abatement in NH called "Current Use" which allows owners of unimproved land, 10 acres or greater, to pay taxes on a greatly reduced valuation on their land.

Check out NH Current Use Laws here.

NH Road Classifications

Here you will find a great comprehensive look at road classifications as well as a "Complete Road Law Guide" that will help you understand how road classifications work and what effect they may have on accessing a property. Thanks to Alfono Law, PLLC for providing this guide.

the Complete Road Law Guide by Alfano Law, PLLC

FEMA Flood Zone Map

Here you will find the FEMA Flood Zone Mapper that will show you the current flood zone affected area. You can zoom right into a property to see what flood zoning, if any, is present. Just enter the address in the search bar and it will take you to that location. If you don't know the address, you can enter the town and state. The map can be zoomed in and moved around.

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